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Baxter Distribution was formed in 2016 by leading designers, engineers and an industry leading manufacturer of sinks and accessories.  Our wholesale stainless steel and ceramic sink collections provide more than simply a functional element in the kitchen or bathroom.  Our spacious sinks add beauty and functionality to any kitchen or bathroom design, while providing a contemporary look sure to please even the most finicky shopper. You will be pleased to find that our products coordinate well with most stainless appliances finishes, giving designers the capability of achieving a modern twist to the traditional kitchen design.

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Discover how you can bring timeless style, versatile utility and exceptional durability with a wholesale stainless steel sinks from Baxter.

Purchasing a Wholesale Stainless Steel Sink is one of the most important decisions when completing a kitchen remodeling project. Kitchen sinks serve a dual purpose of both look and function. The sink is used a lot relative to other kitchen products and it is also a décor piece for guests to see. Stainless steel sinks are a popular finish due to the material’s durability and that it is easy to clean. Another factor that makes it so popular is that it matches a range of kitchen designs from light colored cabinets and countertops to darker colored cabinets and counter tops. You could pair your stainless steel kitchen sink with crème colors cabinets or match it with darker brown cabinets. And our ceramic sinks can bring a touch of class to any bathroom. So if you are looking for affordable pricing and wholesale stainless steel sinks, look no further than Baxter Distribution.


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